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Doctor who and companions

Doctor who_ Rose, Martha, Donna,Astrid, Sarah jane
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Doctor who and all his companions.
Huh, good here;

Anything tenth Doctor,( but other Doctor are okay.). Icons, video,discussions, questions, links, fanfiction request,are all good.

I would like this is to be mostly a fanfiction Community; Here are the rules.

1.)follow all rules; there not hard.

2.)NO BAGHING FANFIC! Which means NO harsh, gratuitous, predjudicial attack one(I.E.or more than one person.)a person.

3.)RESPECT PEOPLE; no bashing, name calling, stuff like that. I have the right to delect posts, stop threads, and kick out anyone, at anytime, but don't make me.

4.)Rating- Always rate you stories; This keep the children away from mature stories. IF you story has Rape and/or sex ALWAYS RATE MATURE! Always to out warnings; If your stories has rape,character's death or HUGE amount of violence Please put a warning.
Anything else, I trust you know how to rate your own story. Thanks!

5.)Fem/Slash Fanfiction- It's okay will me, go right ahead. But please put up a warning!

I have all right to change rules at anytime.

If there are any problems Please contract me.
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